Since its founding, the Bird Study and Protection Society of Serbia has dedicated its work to:

  • Study and protection of birds and protection of their habitats in Serbia

  • Publishing data on the biology of birds publication (especially data on ecology, distribution and numbers)

  • Developing a network of active observers of birds and nature lovers

  • Public education on bird protection

  • Collaboration with various stakeholders in areas where birds live (no matter is it a protected area or not)

  • International cooperation with the aim of developing joint activities for bird protection

  • Promotion of the bird protection

Bird protection

Our primary task is bird protection. Each species has its ecologically irreplaceable place in its habitat in nature. Human activities (especially in Vojvodina such as: agricultural development, forestry, infrastructure and water management) resulted in huge habitat loss for wildlife, thus the possibility for their existence is greatly reduced. Our members have the skills, knowledge, ability and a will to, with directed field work, help to improve the status of every bird species and enlarge possibilties of its survival.

Bird study

From the formation of our Society, studying birds is an irreplaceable segment of our field activities. Notes about retention of birds in various locations, their number, particularly in the nesting period, studies about their geographical distribution, habits, nesting biology, dynamics of migrations, nutrition and other aspects are all tasks of Ornithology, a field of science our members are engaged in.

Network of society members

The network of Society members is extensive and it covers important bird areas and larger cities in Vojvodina and Serbia. This allows us to implement local projects, to act urgently if needed, and also to nurture interrelationship in the implementation of regional and national projects with numerous participants.

Public education

Activities of the Society are always educational, and this is achieved by constant communication with the public, and also by teaching, publishing and distribution of promotional materials, involving school-age children in our activities and with issuance and distribution of our popular magazine "Detlić“ (The Woodpecker).