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May 19, 2017
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January 16, 2018

Children Are Prepared To Protect Bird Paradise

In December 2017. young experts from the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia conducted interactive educational workshops in schools in Juzni Banat and  Branicevo districts. Realization of workshops is part of the project „Improvement in the conservation of IBA Labudovo okno“, supported by MAVA foundation from Switzerland and EuroNatur foundation from Germany. Collaboration with ten schools, that are close to the internationally important bird area „Labudovo okno“, was achieved. Schools that were visited are located in municipalities Bela Crkva, Vrsac, Pozarevac and Veliko Gradiste.

The goal of the workshop was the introduction into the area Labudovo okno, the most important migratory station for wetland birds. In order to rise awareness about threatening factors and possibilities of protected areas, pupils were motivated to think from the perspective of an environmental protector.

While some pupils were discussing the problems that protected areas in Serbia face with, the rest of the pupils was discussing the possibilities and suggesting positive changes with the aim to improve current conditions of protected areas. Throughout the more in-depth discussion, pupils spread their knowledge about the sustainable use of ecosystem services in order to contribute to the conservation of protected areas and also the development of local communities.

„We are positively surprised with very creative suggestions about the conservation and sustainable use of resources, given by pupils, and also with their ability to recognize the problems that our protected areas face with“, says Aleksa Vukicevic from the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia and adds: „We wanted to include pupils in the active environmental protection by making bird boxes and later on hang them on the trees in school yards.“

These workshops enriched knowledge among pupils who will be the only one capable to improve current environmental conditions and to protect nature from further degradation in near future. Pupils were shown the path that they could follow, and teachers were introduced with a good example of interactive work with children.