Children Are Prepared To Protect Bird Paradise
January 12, 2018
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Conditions of participation

Who can take part?

The competition is open to all persons who visited the Balkan Green Belt of Serbia. The submitted pictures have to be taken along the Balkan Green Belt.

The contest has three different categories:

  1. Children (under 18 years),
  2. Amateurs, and
  3. Professionals.

When is the closing date?

15th July 2017

What are the prizes?

  1. Place in the category “Amateurs”: Bicycle
  2. Place in the category “Children (under 18 years)”: Collins Bird Guide
  3. Place in the category “Professionals”: Organized photo exhibition

The prize-winning pictures will be represented on the web site of Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia www.pticesrbije.rs and on Facebook pages www.facebook.com/BirdLifeSerbia and www.facebook.com/greenbeltserbia

The winners will be announced until September 2017.

In addition, the national winners will automatically take part in the international Balkan Green Belt contest 2017. Each of the 9 countries along the Balkan Green Belt sends 3 national winner pictures to the international competition.

The board of the European Green Belt Association will select the 5 international winner pictures, which will be presented on the website www.europeangreenbelt.org.

How can the photos be submitted?

Send your pictures to: zelenipojaskonkurs@gmail.com

No more than 3 pictures may be entered per person. Entries shall be in the form of digital colour pictures, submitted by email.

The following information must be submitted with the picture:

Photographer’s name, Location where the picture was taken, Date when the picture was taken as well as the selected category of the contest.

Pictures that were not taken along the Balkan Green Belt will not be accepted.

The participation is free. The organisers will bear the organisational costs of the competition. The organisers are Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia and EuroNatur (Germany).

The jury:

The jury consists of:

Saša Preradović, Photography school “Foton”

Nikola Miljković, Nikola Miljkovic Photo Studio

Miloš Popović, HabiProt

The jury’s decisions are final. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify pictures that were obviously taken by infringing the code of conduct for wildlife photographers: http://www.euronatur.org/Code-of-conduct.736.0.html.

No subsequent modification of a picture or its content is permitted. Adding or removing animals, parts of animals, plants, unwanted elements, people etc. into/from the image is also not allowed.


The copyright for all photos entered must be held by the photographer.
The photographer retains the copyright to his/her pictures at all times and his/her name will appear alongside the photo whenever it is published.

By entering the competition the contestant grants the competition organisers the right to use the photos entered free of charge for the following purposes:

  • The use of the photos to advertise the competition in the competition organisers’ publications, on their websites and in press coverage.
  • All prize-winning pictures may be used by the organiser for commercial sale of communication material and its advertisement, like calendars.
  • All prize-winning pictures may be used by the organiser for an exhibition and its advertisement.
  • The non-profit foundation EuroNatur and Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia have the right to use the prize-winning photos in their own publications to advertise their conservation projects at the Balkan Green Belt.
  • Pictures that have been entered but have not won prizes will only be used for the above purposes after consultation with the photographer and by contractual agreement.

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